Chess Problem Tourneys

See General format for problem tourney documentation for details about the format used.

For the purposes of this collection, it is important to know that the ‘date’ of a tourney is considered to be its first announced closing date. In the very rare situation when the closing date was extended from one year to another, the tourney will get a range of dates, such as “Example Tourney, 1843–44”.



The Albion, 1855
American Chess Association, 1857
American Chess Association, 1858
American Union, 1858
Charleston Daily Courier, 1859
(British) Chess Association, 1857 (Manchester)
(British) Chess Association, 1858 (Birmingham)
The Chess Monthly, 1857
Chess Player’s Chronicle, 1852
The Era, 1856
Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper, 1856
Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper, 1858
Illustrirte Zeitung, 1859
New York Clipper, 1857 (New Chess Type Tournament)
New York Clipper, 1859
New York Saturday Courier, 1856
Schweizerische Schachzeitung, 1857
Syracuse Chess Club, 1858 (Onondaga)

English Problem Tourney, 1854

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(British) Chess Association, 1860 (Cambridge)
(British) Chess Association, 1861 (Bristol)
British Chess Association, 1862 (London)
British Chess Association, 1867 (London)
The Chess World, 1866-67
The Chess World, 1869
International Chess Congress, 1867 (Paris)
Neue Berliner Schachzeitung, 1865
Neue Berliner Schachzeitung, 1866
Neue Berliner Schachzeitung, 1869
Newcastle Daily Journal, 1865
New York Clipper, 1860 (Miron’s Problem Tourney)
New York Clipper, 1866 (The Chessmen Tourney)
New York Clipper, 1867 (The Summer Tourney)
Norddeutscher Schachbund, 1868 (Hamburg)
Norddeutscher Schachbund, 1869 (Hamburg)
Northumberland and Durham Chess Association, 1866 (Newcastle)
Northumberland and Durham Chess Association, 1867 (North Shields)
North Yorkshire and Durham Chess Association, 1866 (Redcar)
Le Palamède Française, 1865-1866
La (Nouvelle) Régence, 1860
Schachzeitung, 1866-67
Schachzeitung, 1869
Le Sphinx, 1867
Westdeutscher Schachbund, 1862 (Düsseldorf)
Westdeutscher Schachbund, 1863 (Düsseldorf)
Westdeutscher Schachbund, 1864 (Düsseldorf)
Westdeutscher Schachbund, 1866
Westdeutscher Schachbund, 1867 (Köln)
Westdeutscher Schachbund, 1868 (Aachen)
Wiener Schachgesellschaft, 1863?
Yorkshire Chess Association, 1868-69

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Amateur Chess Magazine, 1872
American Chess and Problem Association, 1878
American Chess Association, 1871 (Cleveland)
American Chess Journal, 1876 (“B” Letter Tournament)
American Chess Journal, 1879
Brief, 1879 (1st Tourney)
British Chess Association, 1873 (London, 1872)
British Chess Problem Association, 1878
British Chess Problem Association, 1879
Centennial Chess Problem Tourney, 1877
Chess Player’s Chronicle, 1879
Cleveland Leader, 1876
Counties Chess Association, 1871 (Malvern)
Detroit Free Press, 1875
Deutscher Schachbund, 1879 (Leipzig)
Huddersfield College Magazine, 1876
Huddersfield College Magazine, 1878
Huddersfield College Magazine, 1879
Italian Problem Tourney, 1878 (2nd Italian Chess Congress, Leghorn/Livorno)
Lebanon Herald, 1875-1876
Mitteldeutscher Schachbund, 1876)
Mitteldeutscher Schachbund, 1877 (Anderssen 50-year Jubilee Congress, Leipzig)
New York Clipper, 1874-75
New York Clipper, 1876 (Clipper Centennial Problem Tourney)
Nuova Rivista degli Scacchi, 1876
Nuova Rivista degli Scacchi, 1877
Paris, 1878
The Recreationist, 1873 (The “R” Tourney)
La Stratégie, 1875
Westdeutscher Schachbund, 1870 (Crefeld)
Westdeutscher Schachbund, 1876 (Düsseldorf)
Westdeutscher Schachbund, 1877 (Köln)
Westminster Chess Club, 1871
Westminster Chess Club, 1874
Westminster Papers, 1872
1st Westminster Papers Löwenthal Tourney, 1878

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