Chess Association, 1857 (Manchester)

set of #3 + #4 (1 pr.)

Problem composers of England, America and the Continent were invited to enter. Competitors had to become members of the Association, and pay the annual subscription of 5s.
J. Kling, Capt. Gowan, G. W. Medley
F. Healey (motto: Ludimus effigiem belli)
The Era:
v. 29, i. 972 (1857-05-10), p. 13: congress programme.
v. 29, i. 975 (1857-05-31), p. 5: details of problem tournament.
v. 29, i. 986 (1857-08-16), p. 5: report from congress. winning #4, and mention that second place was conceded to S. Angas.
v. 29, i. 987 (1857-08-23), p. 14: winning #3
Illustrated London Times:
v. 31, i. 875 (1857-08-22), p. 195: mentions Campbell as one of the competitors.
Official report, but does not report all particulars of the problem tourney. It only reprints the #4 from the winning set, and that only on the cover.
p. xxvii: Details of problem tourney, Manchester, 1857.
This tourney was arranged by The Northern and Midlands Counties Chess Association. During the congress proceedings, the name was formally changed to just “Chess Association”.

The official Report describes the congress as the “Sixth Annual Meeting of the Chess Association,” even though the new name "Chess Association" was not formally used until 1857. In regard to the previous name (Northern and Midland Chess Association), it would have been its 4th meeting, which is also the number the Chess Congress of 1862 assigns to this event.

8 sets competed for the prize.

Some sources report S. Angas as taking 2nd pr. This is probably a misunderstanding of him being placed in second place in order of merit.



Prize: F. Healey