Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper, 1856

#3 (1 pr.)
#4 (1 pr.)
#5 (1 pr.)
1856-06-01 (postponed to 1856-07-01, then ‘until Fall’)
Perrin, Robert, Mead, Gallatin, Anderson
pr. S. Loyd
pr. S. Loyd
pr. ex æquo I. S. Loyd
pr. ex æquo N. Marache
pr./hm “Nellie”
Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper
1856-04-19: (first?) announcement
1856-06-14: closing date deferred for one month
1856-07-26: closing date again deferred ‘until Fall’
1856-10-04: report
The announcement does not express any strict formalities, and cited sources suggest that it may have been an semi-informal affair, where problems were sent in for the tournament, but published prior to actual adjudication. It was not a tourney among all published problems, as E. B. Cook, in the notice of the second postponement, is reported to have declined to compete, while a problem of his was published as problem 19, i.e. after the S. Loyd #3 problem.

The S. Loyd #3 was published the week before the announcement cited above. This may indicate that there is an earlier annoucement with additional information still to be found.

The Committee also declared, nomine contradicente, that “Nellie” was fairly entitled to a prize, apart from all gallantry and favoritism, for the superior talent, which gives promise of still greater excellence in the future, displayed by her in the construction of chess enigmas.
No problem is mentioned in relation with this award. As no prize was announced that fits this award, it may probably be viewed as a form of honorary mention.

(The identity of “Nellie” in Frank Leslie's is not known, but vaguely suspected to be the person behind the pseudonym “Midnight” in Clipper, who again is suspected to be G. N. Cheney. This is only based on one or two matching problems in the mentioned columns and in American Chess-Nuts. )


Section A: #3

Prize: S. Loyd


Section B: #4

Prize: S. Loyd


Section C: #5

Prize ex æquo: I. S. Loyd


Prize ex æquo: N. Marache