North Metropolitan and Holloway Press, 1879 (Löwenthal Problem Tournament)

1–2 #3 (3 pr.)
Open to all. Usual motto and envelope requirements
W. N. Potter
The judge's decision would be final.
1 pr. C. Callander (Motto: Almora)
2 pr. F. E. Lamb (Cochon de lait)
3 pr. F. C. Collins (The Vacated Chair, prb. 53)
hm. F. C. Collins (The Vacated Chair, prb. 46)
North Metropolitan and Holloway Press
i. 316 (1879-01-11), p. [5]: announcement
i. 320 (1879-02-08), p. [5]: announcement of the judge
i. 325 (1879-03-15), p. [5]: received problems and mottos; handover protocol
i. 343 (1879-07-19), p. [5]: judge's report; names of prize winners

The name of the newspaper is given as printed on the title page. It was often shortened to Holloway Press.

The first two prizes were donated from the Löwenthal Bequest by Mr. Medley. The judge donated the third prize.

Seventeen problems by 12 composers were sent in. Of these, seven were found to be defective. While no solution tourney had been considered, solvers were encouraged to send opinions and faults.

Before handing the problems and author's solutions over to the judge, the chess editor copied them, thinking it better that the originals should not come into his possession, so that he may be in ignorance as to whose composition he may be examining.

One of the sent-in problem (Accipe hoc) has not be found among the published problems; it was confirmed (on 1879-07-19) to have remained unpublished due to its simplicity and lack of a solution. The judge did not mention how many problems he found to be faulty.


1st Prize: C. Callander


2nd Prize: F. E. Lamb


3rd Prize: F. C. Collins