Neue Berliner Schachzeitung, 1869


3 direct mate problems (2 pr.)

The first prize would not be awarded if the judges decided that no first-rate set had been received.


J. Kohtz, C. Kockelkorn, A. Keller


1869-05-01, changed to 1869-07-01

Neue Berliner Schachzeitung
v. 6, p. 1 (Jan. 1869): Announcement.
v.6, p. 96 (Mar. 1869): Closing date changed to 1869-07-01.
v.6, p. 160 (May 1869): Ten sets received so far.
v.6, p. 192 (June 1869): Another 6 sets received.

No further information from the arrangers has been found during the life of the NBSz.

The mottos of the 16 sets received were:

1. Aller Anfang ist schwer.
2. Gut Heil!
3. If we offend, it is with our good will.
4. Dornröschen.
5. Virtute, non vi!
6. Volo, non valeo.
7. Quid? quomodo? quando?
8. Ueber den Main! (retracted).
9. S—n.
10. Sein oder nicht Sein, das ist die Frage.
11. Ritter vom Geiste.
12. Dieu me l'a donnée, malheur à qui la touche!
13. Einfalt!
14. Ende gut, Alles gut.
15. Cyprianus.
16. Zum Kampf der Wagen und Gesänge.

In Schachzeitung v. 26, i. 3 (Mar./Apr. 1871), p. 126 an anonymous composer asks about the status of the tourney, and cites a notice in the December 1869 issue of NBSz that several problems from the tourney would be published in the following issue. No reply to the question seems to have been published.

The passage cited in the question has not been found in available digital sources of NBSz. The possibility that it has not been preserved has not been eliminated, however. And while the January 1870 issue of Neue Berliner Schachzeitung does contain six problems from a tourney, they are from the Sphinx tourney of 1867.