Syracuse Chess Club, 1858 (Onondaga)

2 problems (1 pr.)

Restricted to composers in western and central New York.
G. N. Cheney, S. Loyd, J. Gardner
W. H. Atkins
Syracuse Standard:
1858-08-21: announcement.
1858-10-21: report, and first problem in winning set (nr. 55)
1858-10-28: second problem in winning set (nr 56).
22 problems were entered, of these 19 were correct, and (according to S. Loyd in the report) all worthy of Honorable Mention. (No actual mention is available in the preserved sources, except for the set judged to be the second best.)

The dates relating to Syracuse Standard are primarily based on sources from the Chess Archaeology site. A second source is available in Miron Hazeltine’s Scrap-Book, vol. 30, p. 62-63, but dates for these clippings are not completely certain, as they have been added by hand.

The #3 problem appears in American Chess Nuts (146) but is there attributed to Cheney.

Prize: W. H. Atkins

Forsyth: B3N3/1p1p4/p1PP4/P3kp2/3n1N1P/P1Bp2P1/5p2/3KbR2

Stip.: #5

Key: 1. c×b7

Source: 55, Syracuse Standard (Oct. 21, 1858)

Forsyth: 2Qn3K/4p3/1p4b1/N3k3/4p3/B6B/2P2p1P/1n6

Stip.: #3

Key: 1. Bb2†

Source: 56, Syracuse Standard (Oct. 28, 1858)