Todo: 1870-1879

The following tourneys are known or suspected to have existed. A few have been researched in detail, and may be possible to add with little additional work, while others may be just a note taken from a problem seen in an anthology or column somewhere, and will need more research to finish.

Just as earlier, this page will be updated as tourneys are reported in standard form. Please let me know if you have traces of additional tourneys not included for this or earlier periods.

American Chess Association, 1877? 1878? (Same as American Chess and Problem Association?)

4th Bohemian Tourney, 1874 (Award list in DSz 1875)

British Chess Association, 1878 or 1879?

Canadian Chess Association, 1875. (all problems unsound?)

Centennial Tourney, 1876? 1877?

Chess Journal (Dubuque), 1871. 1st problem tournment. (Chess Arch.)

Chess Journal (Dubuque), 1871. 2nd problem tournament. (Chess Arch.)

Chess Journal (Dubuque), 1871. 3rd problem tournament. (Chess Arch.)

Chess Journal (Dubuque), 1872. (Chess Arch.)

City of London Chess Magazine, 1875. (not finished?) (Chess Arch.)

Cleveland Leader, 1876.

Cleveland Voice, 1877? 1878?

Clipper, 1877?

Danbury News, 1877.

Design and Work, 1879.

Deutsche Schachbund, 1879.

L’Echiquier, 1870. (NBSz 1860 p 192 has some additional details, but not all.)

Forest and Stream, 1878 (New York). (Google Books?)

The Gentleman’s Journal. Competitions carried out in Recreational Supplement to Gentleman’s Journal, which seems to have been an almost independent publication.

The Globe (Toronto), 1870.

Hartford Sunday Globe, 1878.

Herald (Lebanon), 1872, 1875, 1876, 1877, 1878.

Huddersfield College Magazine, 1877. (Chess Arch.)

The Leader (Melbourne), 1870, 1876.

Maryland Chess Review, 1874. (Chess Arch.)

Maryland Chess Review, 1874: Curiosity Problem Tourney. (Chess Arch.)

Neue Berliner Schachzeitung, 1871. (Chess Arch.)

(Norddeutsche Schachbund, 1876. May be a mistaken date, but probably is an error.)

Nuova Rivista degli Schacci, 1876, 1877, 1879. (Chess Arch.)

Pravo Lidu, 1872.

Recreationist, 1873 or 1874. May be two: one is called the “R” Tournament. (Google Books, vol. I-II)

La Strategie, 1875, 1876, 1877.

Turf, Field and Farm, 1878.

Weekly Free Press, 1876, 1878, 1879. (4 tourneys are thought to exist.)

Weekly Mail, 1871.

Western Advertiser, 1873 (3rd problem tourney, so there should be two earlier as well. )

Western Chess Congress, 1872.

Westminster Chess Club, 1872. (Chess Arch.)

Westminster Chess Club, 1874? 1875?.

Westminster Chess Club, 1878, 1879. 1st and 2nd Löwenthal Tourneys. (Chess Arch.)

Wiener Residenzblatt, 1873?

Winchester Papers, 1874. (US or UK?)

Some very unspecific jottings:

Problem tourney in Prague, 1872

Scandinavian Tourney, 1872

Leipzig, 1877. (Year is wrong for Deutsche Schachbund.)

Newcastle, 1870. Perhaps a chess congress in Newcastle.

Paris, 1878.

Dutch tourney around 1872 or 1873

Need further work:

Mitteldeutscher Schachbund, 1876: The original tourney announcement has not been located. There are also reports suggesting that a honorary mention was awarded, although the printed report does not indicate any such awards. If it is a mistake, where did it start?