Argus and Express (Ayr, Scotland), 1880

One or two problems #2-#3 (1 pr. #2 + 1 pr. #3)
Open to all. Entrance fee: 1s. 6p. No motto requirements.
Awards by votes of competitors. Umpire: Rev. McArthur.

Received problems were published as a book and sent to competitors together with voting papers, which were returned within two months. (Competitors were not allowed to vote for their own problems.)
#2 pr. B. G. Laws
#3 pr. H. F. L. Meyer
Huddersfield College Magazine
(Ayr : Printed at the Express Office, 1880)

Problems, composers, votes only. No tourney details.

The newspaper title used is based on the British Library catalogue, and was in use between 1877 and 1884. It is generally also cited as Ayr Argus. Ken Whyld's Chess Lists cites it as Ayrshire Argus and Express, a title that was in use in the immediately following period, according to British Library.

Twenty-one #2 and twenty #3 were received, of which 13 problems were found to be unsound. Two competitors returned only one vote, and another two returned no vote at all.

Voting for the #3 pr. ended in a tie between problem 22 (by C. F. Jones) and 23 (by H. F. L. Meyer), which the umpire resolved in favour of the latter.

It is very likely that the problems below were first published in Argus and Express, but as the only available source has been the tourney book, it has been cited.


Find the original announcent and publication of the prize-winning problems.


#2 Prize: B. G. Laws


#3 Prize: H. F. L. Meyer