Australian Town and Country Journal, 1878

#2 (3 pr.)
Any number of problems could be entered. All problems must have a motto.
1 pr. J. J. Glynn (Motto: Two by Tricks)
2 pr. J. J. Glynn (They Laugh that Win)
3 pr. J. Willis (Church and Crown)
hm. W. J. M‘Arthur (Lalla Rookh)
Australian Town and Country Journal:
18/447 (1878-08-03), p. 29: summary of received problems
19/470 (1879-01-11), p. 29: report, awards, list of mottos and participants
19/473 (1879-02-01), p. 29: criticism by the signature W. B. G.

The problems were published as they were received. A solving tourney was held for all published problems.

While the summary stated that 35 problems were received, the judge's report said that 41 problems were received, of which 35 were published, and the rest were either withdrawn, or were faulty. During examination, three additional problems were found to be faulty.

A judge of the tourney was mentioned in the column, but not by name.


1 Prize: J. J. Glynn


2 Prize: J. J. Glynn


3 Prize: J. Willis