British Chess Magazine, 1890 (Sui-Mate Problem Tourney)

1–3 s#2 (4 pr. )
Open to all. Each problem had to have its own motto, and be sent with the usual closed envelope formalities.
J. A. Miles
1890-05-01 (Europe) / 1890-06-01 (America) / 1890-07-01 (Australia)
1 pr. J. Keeble (prb. 4: Motto Enthusiasm)
2 pr. G. Hume (prb. 11: Sempach)
3 pr. J. Jespersen (prb. 10: Aliquod)
4 pr. B. G. Laws (prb. 14: Next!)
1 hm. A. Bolus (prb. 3: Whitemore)
2 hm. G. Hume (prb. 12: The Battery)
3 hm. J. Keeble (prb. 6: Rosebud)
4 hm. J. A. Ros (prb. 7: A Dauntless Dandiprat)
British Chess Magazine
v. 10, i. 109 (Jan., 1890), p. 34–35: announcement.
v. 10, i. 112 (Apr., 1890), p.176: publication of problems starts
v. 10, i. 117 (Sep., 1890), p.400: publication of problems ends

The tourney was announced together with a direct-mate tourney. The conditions for participation as well as closing date were the same, notes of received problems were published together, and the tourneys were also reported together. This may raise the question if they were separate tourneys, or only separate sections of a single tourney, but as the tourneys are kept separate in the British Chess Magazine as Problem Tourney and Sui-Mate Tourney they are considered to be separate tourneys here as well.

The tourney consisted of 15 entries, one of which was shown to be cooked.

The awards were considered preliminary until two months had passed without any objections. No formal announcement of final results has been found, nor have any indications of faults. The preliminary results are assumed to be final.


1st Prize: J. Keeble


2nd Prize: G. Hume


3rd Prize: J. Jespersen


4th Prize: B. G. Laws