Cincinnati Commercial, 1880 (1st Problem Tourney)

#2-3 (1 pr. for #2, 1 pr. for #3)
No motto requirements printed, and no limit on number of problems per composer.
chess editor & the winners of the solving tourney: V. Abraham, S. L. Miner, L. M. Jewett & T. D. Davis.
1881-01-01 – 1881-12-31
1 pr. V. Abraham
2 pr. J. A. Stafford
Cincinnati Commercial
1879-12-06: announcement
1879-12-13: prbs. also printed in Cincinnati Dollar Weekly Commercial.
1881-01-08: judges
1881-01-29: awards list & judges votes

Problems were published as they were received under the name of the composer, without any anonymization. The number of competitors or competing problems was not published.

Judging was by simple voting. All judges voted for one problem in each category, except for one judge, who voted for two #3 problems. (There appears to have been no instructions for voting, or distribution of problems to the judges. One judge mentions referring to his own scrapbook for judging problems.)

The 1st pr. winner of the problem tourney was also the 1st pr. winner of the solving tourney.


Prize #3: V. Abraham


Prize #2: J. A. Stafford