Croydon Guardian, 1881‒1882 (Local Tourney)

Two #2 required. (2 pr.)
Open only to competitors living within 5 miles of Croydon, and who had not previously won a prize in a problem composition tourney. The two problems had to have different mottos.
A. E. Studd
1882-01-14 (see notes)
1 pr. A. Beaumont (Motto: Move on)
2 pr. W. Waring (Patience)
hm. W. Waring (Try again)
Croydon Guardian and Surrey County Gazette
1881-11-12, p. [6]: announcement
1881-12-31, p. [6]: time extended
1882-02-04, p. [2]: publication of problems begins
1882-03-18, p. [6]: publication of problems ends
1882-04-15, p. [6]: judge's report, awards

The first tourney prize was donated by Chess Player's Chronicle who, in an article (Provicial Chess Columns and Provincial Players, vol. 5, p. [495] (1881-10-18)), had pushed for support of provincial chess columns, and offered prizes for local tourneys.

The tourney was originally announced to close on December 31, 1881. Only two sets of problems had been received by this time, and the closing time was postponed.

Twelve problems were received, of which two were unsound. Of the remaining problems, five were considered to be contenders for the prizes.

Only the names of award-winning composers were published.


1st Prize: A. Beaumont


2nd Prize: W. Waring