Croydon Guardian, 1884 (Endgame tourney)

1–3 endgames (3 pr.)
A competitor could only win one of the prizes. No motto requirements were expressed.
C. E. Ranken (see notes)
1884-03-31 (English composers) / 1884-04-30 (others)
1 pr. A. F. Mackenzie (Motto: Softly, softly, ketch monkey.)
2 pr. J. Jespersen (Mandefold))
3 pr. E. Marks (Hæ tibi sunt artes, no. 1)
hm. L. P. Rees
  O. Meisling
Croydon Guardian and Surrey County Gazette
1884-01-19, p. [6]: announcement
1884-07-26, p. [2]: first endgames published
1885-01-03, p. [6]: last endgame published
1885-02-07, p. [6]: report, awards
1885-02-14, p. [6]: participating composers
1885-04-04, p. [6]: question about award soundness
1885-06-13, p. [6]: awards confirmed as final

The formal announcement was preceded by several attempts to decide the likelihood that sufficient number of entries would be forthcoming (Croydon Guardian, 1883-09-08, 1883-09-22, 1883-10-06).

While no motto requirement had been expressed, mottos appear to have been provided by all competitors.

Twenty-two endgames in nineteen entries were examined, though only 21 appear to have been published. Eleven were faulty, of which six were absolutely wrong, two doubtful if they fulfilled conditions, and three having second solutions. The judge reported on the perceived issues in some detail in the report.

A possible additional issue with the soundness of some of the awarded positions appear to have been found during the six-week grace period before the awards were declared final, but eventually they were confirmed as final. (The confirmation notice refers to "Mr. W. N. Potter's award" for unknown reasons.)

A solution tourney for tourney endgames was also announced. It was reported together with the main competition, as C. E. Ranken was the judge for both. The solution tourney received solutions from only one solver from Denmark who wished to remain anonymous, and it appears to have been closed without any awards.

The HHdbVI endgame database notes that the 3 pr. winner is cooked (multiple solutions?).


1st Prize: A. F. Mackenzie


2nd Prize: J. Jespersen


3rd Prize: E. Marks


[?] = (see notes)