Detroit Free Press, 1881 (6th Tourney)

#4 (1 pr.)
#3 (1 pr.)
#2 (1 pr.)
Open to all. Any number of problems were allowed, but each one had to have a motto.
W. A. Shinkman
All problems would be judged after: Neatness of position (6 points), Difficulty (6 points), Beauty of idea (6 points), and Merit of construction (6 points).
1881-12-31 (last mailing date)
a pr. J. N. Babson (Motto: My Pet)
b pr. G. Chocholous (Nellie)
c pr. J. C. J. Wainwright (Jack O'Lantern)
Detroit Free Press
46/271 (1881-07-09), p. 8: announcement
46/284 (1881-07-24), p. 13: judge announced
47/55 (1881-10-29), p. 6: publication of problem begins
47/148 (1882-02-19), p. 11: tourney closed for competition. 157 problem received.
48/78 (1882-11-25), p. 3: publication of problems ends. 137 problems published.
48/173 (1883-03-17), p. 3: report; prize list; list of mottos

157 problems were received, 137 of which were published, the reminder being withdrawn, faulty or not up to tourney standard. (No record has been found of how many of the published problems were found to be faulty.)

No honorary mentions are listed. The judge in his report does mention all two- and three-movers that received 18 points or more, and all four-movers that received at least 19 points (9 #2, 13 #3, and 8 #4, excepting the prize-winners). He also mentions some additional problems that would repay examination.

One competitor (E. Pradignat) sent 22 positions, with syllables as mottos, e.g. "Bu", "Ca", "Ce", "Ci", "Fi", "Fo", etc.


Section A: Four-movers

Prize: J. N. Babson


Section B: Three-movers

Prize: G. Chocholous


Section C: Two-movers

Prize: J. C. J. Wainwright