Forest and Stream, 1878

sets of #2 + #3 (3 pr.)
#3 (2 pr.)
#2 (2 pr.)
A prize for the best problem of the tourney would also be awarded.

Open to the world. Competitors could enter as many sets or single problems as they pleased, provided that each set/problem had its own motto. Corrections were allowed within four weeks (America) or eight weeks (rest of the world).
Charles A. Gilberg
Forest and Stream:

In the clarification, the number of problems in a set was limited to two. Also, the photograph tourney mentioned in the announcement was declared to be entirely separate from this tourney. (No substantial traces of problems associated with the photograph tourney have been found.)

The first problem of the tourney (as well as the column) was published in the same issue as the announcement, suggesting that the announcement referenced above may not have been the earliest publication.

A solving competition was also started for all published problems.

41 sets were received.

Problems that passed preliminary inspection were published as problems 1–61, after which the column ceased. The solving competition appears to have been terminated at the same time, as solutions for the last few problems are not published.

The last published problem appeared on October 2, 1879, with a notice that the chess editor would correct misprints in recent diagrams as soon as possible. No further problems are published, and no further installations of the chess column have been found.

The destiny of the tourney is unknown. The chess editor (E. A. Kunkel) does not appear to have edited any later chess columns.

Sam Loyd, in his column in Scientific American Supplement of 1878-02-02, said that the Forest and Stream tourney was a continuation of the second tourney started in the Hartford Sunday Globe. This might explain why the first set was published in the same issue where the announcement was made.

To do:

Find info about the Hartford Sunday Globe 2nd tourney, and if it should be connected with this one. Look for further info about the destiny of this tourney.