Glasgow Weekly Herald, 1878

1-2 #3 (2 pr.)
Standard motto requirements.
A. Hunter
1 pr. S. H. Thomas (Motto: Resistance)
2 pr. W. McArthur (The Skeleton)
hm. C. M. Baxter (Very True!)
hm. J. H. Finlinson (Optimum quod primum)
Huddersfield College Magazine:
v7, p. 50 (Nov., 1878): reprint of announcement from Glasgow Weekly Herald (1878-10-19)
2/59 (1878-12-13), p. 620: summary of received problems.
Glasgow Weekly Herald:
i. 766 (1879-08-09), p. 7: publication of problems completed
i. 772 (1879-09-20), p. 7: award; reprinting of awarded problems
i. 773 (1879-09-27), p. 7: names and mottos of competitors

Access to Glasgow Weekly Herald has been available only for issues printed after 1879-01-01. For older information, other sources, as referenced above, have been used.

41 problems were received. (Several composers entered under multiple mottos.) Publication of problems appears to have been restricted to problems that passed a brief preliminary examination, but of these several eventually turned out to be faulty as well. (The judge did not report on the number of faulty problems.)

Publication ended on 1879-08-09 with tourney problem 41. (The published problems numbered 324[?] to 359 of the main series of problems.)

The second prize problem originally appeared in December, 1878, but sources for that period have not been available to cite. Based on solutions printed on 1879-01-11 it was probably problem 324.

During the tourney, on April 26, 1879, J. G. Cunningham protested at so many published problems having no solution. He tallied the score so far: 11 unsound (of which at least 6 lacked solution entirely), and 12 sound. He suggested that as an antidote, competitors should have to pay a small fee per problem, which either would be returned if the problem proves sound, or used for award to the solver who found the greatest numbers of problems with no or multiple solutions.

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1 Prize: S. H. Thomas


2 Prize: W. McArthur