Hamilton Spectator (Australia), 1879

set of 3x#2 (pr. to the two best problems in a set)
Open to all composers in the district, who have not before competed in any such tourney.
The Hamilton Spectator (Victoria, Australia):
1879-05-03: announcement
1879-06-07: change in prize (repeated in later columns)

The announcement noted that the restriction on competitors probably only excludes T. D. Clarke. This suggests that the district mentioned probably referred to the Western and Wimmera District of Victoria, Australia, mentioned on the title page of Hamilton Spectator.

The unexpected discontinuation of Westminster Papers lead to a change in the prize, which originally was a one-year subscription of that periodical. A new prize of equal value was planned to be announced, but no such announcement has been found.

Some form of summary of received sets or the commencement of the publication of sets was expected after 1 July, 1879, but nothing has been found during the rest of 1879 or 1880, when the column ended.

A solving tourney was announced on 1879-05-24, but no indication has been found that it was used for tourney problems,