Huddersfield College Magazine, 1879

#3 (4 pr.)
The problems must use the following pieces: KQRNPPP - kqrbppp
H. C. J. Andrews
1879-09-30 (UK) / 1879-11-30
1 pr. W. Coates
2 pr. A. E. Studd
3 pr. M. Jordan
4 pr. J. Pierce
hm. W. T. Pierce, J. G. Nix, F. C. Collins, W. Weatherstone, H. Meyer, G. Liberali, J. Keeble
p. 56-58 (Jan. 1881): report, p. 56 footnote corrects list of hm. problems on p. 58.
p. 59 (Jan. 1881): prize problems

The tournament was occasioned by a donation by the Rev. H. R. Dodd for a tourney on the idea of "Given certain pieces, make the best problem of them." The choice of pieces was made by the chess editor together with one of our leading composers.

41 problems competed and were published anonymously in Huddersfield College Magazine between Oct. 1879 and Aug.-Sep. 1880 where they were also the subject of a solving tourney. Only four problems were disqualified due to unsoundness.

The printed list of honorary mentions on p. 58 in BCM is incorrect: problem 38 (by C. Calapso) was included by mistake instead of problem 28 (by J. Keeble).


1 Prize: W. Coates


2 Prize: A. E. Studd


3 Prize: M. Jordan


4 Prize: J. Pierce