The Leader (Melbourne), 1876

set of 3x#3-4 (1 pr. + 1 pr. for best single prb.)
Open to competitors residing in all the Australian and New Zealand colonies. Usual motto requirements.
A. Burns, L. Goldsmith, L. S. Phillips
1876-09-09 (Victoria) / 1876-09-23
pr. best set — (not awarded; see notes)
pr. best problem T. Henderson (Motto: Mystery No. 3)
hm. best problem S. C. M‘Donnell (Feramors No. 2)
hm. best problem T. D. Clarke (Victoria Forever No. 1)
hm. best problem H. Charlick (Queen of the South No. 2)
The Leader (Melbourne):
41/1093 (1876-12-09, p. 5–6: summary of judges’ report
41/1094 (1876-12-16, p. 6: protest by T. D. Clarke

Seven sets were received, none of which was completely sound. The main prize could consequently not be awarded.

The second and third honorable mention were awarded by two of the three judges, and apparently accepted by the editor.

The editor assumed that the inability of the competitors to produce correct sets was due to the relatively short time allowed them. A new tournament was announced for the unawarded prize, and prospective composers were asked for their opinion of what a suitable time for this problem tourney would be.

A protest against the award was lodged by T. D. Clarke, but the judges appear to have been able to convince him that his set indeed was faulty. (The published report did not include any details of found faults as had been done in the 1870 tourney.)


Prize best set: not awarded

Prize best problem: T. Henderson