Melbourne Chess Club, 1870

#3–4 (1 pr)
Open only to unsuccessful competitors of the Leader (Melbourne), 1870 tourney.
A. Burns, L. Ellis, L. S. Phillips, C. Fisher
pr. T. Henderson (Motto: Sancho No. 6)
The Leader (Melbourne):
17/753 (1870-06-04), p. 10: announcement & conditions.
18/761 (1870-07-02), p. 10: clarification: unsuccessful problems in the previous tourney were not allowed to compete.
18/753 (1870-07-30), p. 6: tourney closed, summary of received problems.
18/767 (1870-09-10), p. 6: judges’ summary report.

This tourney was arranged by the Melbourne Chess Club for the prize donated to the Leader (Melbourne), 1870 tourney, but which was left unawarded as the second best set was found to be faulty. (The tourney was reported in The Leader and might be assumed to be a tourney arranged by that newspaper.)

28 problems were received under 8 mottos. The judges reported that many problems were either faulty or deficient in point or depth, and that the main question of award was between only three problems.


Prize: T. Henderson