Mitteldeutscher Schachbund, 1876

2x#3-5 (3 pr.) (? see notes)
Non-members must pay an entry fee (unknown amount) (? see notes)
C. Schwede, J. Kohtz, C. Kockelkorn
1876-07-08 (? see notes)
1 pr.   J. Berger (Motto: Frische Keime, frische Triebe)
2 pr.   J. Minckwitz (Glück auf zum guten beispiel!)
3 pr.   F. Hubert (Lassan járj — tovább érsz!)
No explicit honorary mentions were awarded. (see notes)
v. 31, i. 5 (May, 1876), p. 153-154: program for congress (no mention of problem tourney).

The report explains that due to late arrival, problem tourney details were printed on the cover of the June issue of Deutsche Schachzeitung. As no copy of that cover page has yet been located, the tourney details above are reasonable guesses based on the information in the report. (The report states that the published details did not include the names of the judges.)

Prizes appear to be awarded to only one of the problems in each winning set. This suggests that there is some unknown requirement or condition missing.

Fifteen competing sets were received, one of which was excluded due to non-originality. One further set was received after closing date, and was consequently not allowed to compete. (The identification of the sets by number in the report is inconsistent: one list contains the excluded set, while another does not. Some care is needed to know which of the lists is used when.)

The third prize was added on the request of the judges.

A problem/set by R. Braune (Jeder wirkt in seiner Weise) is reported by Illustrirte Zeitung to have been given an 'ehrende Erwähnung' (honorary mention); the report referenced above indicates that the judges considered his set/problem worthy of recognition, but as no honorary award seems to be given—the problem is not published immediately after the 3rd price, or with any explicit indication of an honorary award—it has not been included in the list of awards.


1 Prize: J. Berger


2 Prize: J. Minckwitz


[*] = Faulty: Multiple key moves

3 Prize: F. Hubert