Norwich Mercury, 1889

#3 or more moves (1 pr.)
#2 (1 pr.)
s# (1 pr.)
? (see notes)
1889-04-27 (the last Saturday in April, 1889)
A pr. B. G. Laws
B pr. F. J. Howitt
C pr. J. Keeble
Norwich Mercury
i. 10795 (1888-10-27), p. 3: announcement; first problems published
i. 10847 (1889-04-27), p. 3: last problems published; tourney closed
i. 10849 (1889-05-04), p. 3: call for solvers' votes
i. 10855 (1889-05-25), p. 3: awards

The solution tourney held at the same time covered problems 84–137. All problems were published under the composer's name (i.e. no motto or anonymization, although initials were occasionally used).

Problems competing in the problem tourney were not explicitly identified as such, although some problems were documented to have been previously published, and so obviously not part of the competition. In at least one case, this information was not given with the diagram, but in the column text. The report does not identify the number of competitors in each section: as far as can be determined from existing problems they were: section A: 24-7 = 17, B: 9, C: 4-1 = 3. The subtracted numbers refer to problems by the column editor, which are assumed to be excluded from the competition.

After the tourney was closed, the column editor called for the opinions of the solvers on the problems. For each section a few problems were also identified as the main contenders for the prize, presumably selected by the editor: section A: prbs. 84, 91, 92; section B: prbs. 88, 97, 102, 105, 107; section C: 98, 120. However, prb. 84 was already known to be a reproduction, and prb. 107 a Christmas problem that did not fit into any of the sections of the tourney.

The tourney awards were printed under the title Prize Solution Competition. While this may be a mistake, it probably indicates that the solution tourney was the primary focus of the column. The brief report did not identify how many votes were received, only the three problems that won.


Section A: Three- and more-move problems

Prize: B. H. Laws


Section B: Two-move problems

Prize: F. J. Howitt


Section C: Selfmate problems

Prize: J. Keeble