Todo: 1850-1859

Note: Incompletely know tourneys are now posted, tagged with ‘Incomplete’. Recent entries do not necessarily have entries here anymore, but instead contain a special section that describes known shortcomings. The entries below that refer to partially known tourneys will be moved to the postings.

A number of additional tourneys from this period are only partially known:

  • New York Saturday Courier, 1856. Requirements, judges and closing date are unknown.

  • The Albion, 1858. A number of problems from this tourney are known, particularly those by S. Loyd, but not all of them. There are also some apparent contradictions in the information available that need to be cleared up.

  • American Union, 1858. Basic requirements are known, but so far only the prize problem for the three-mover section is known.

  • Pacific Chess Tournament or California Chess Tournament, 1858. A problem tourney was arranged in conjunction with this chess congress/tournament. Some details (as well as some confusion over the name of the event) can be found in Chess Monthly, and New York Clipper, but the problem that won the single (?) prize is not among them.

  • Weekly Democrat (Missouri), 1858? 1859? A #3 is known, but nothing more. LoC CoA lists Tri-weekly Democrat and The Weekly Missoury Democrat for this period. Probably related to Missouri Daily Democrat (see entry in Whyld) – at least the chess editor is the same (T. M. Brown).

  • American Chess Association, 1858.
    There may be additional info in Saturday Press – see tourney page notes.

  • Charleston Daily Courier, 1859. Awards published in the last installation of the column (January, 1860), but no problems published. May have been printed in the column of Charleston Evening News, which was conducted by the same editor. Some odd Loyd problems are known, but raise questions.

Some planned tourneys are also known, but as they did not even reach the stage of announcement (?), they will probably be reported in some other format.

  • Schachzeitung der Berliner Schachgesellschaft, 1855?

  • Northern and Midland Chess Association, 1855? (Leamington)