American Chess Association, 1858

2 problems per competitor (1 pr.)

Open to American composers. Entry fee: 2 dollars.

The committee will select the best composition of the two submitted, which will be entered for the final award.
Bulletin of the American Chess Association, vol I., p. 6 (Jan.-June, 1858)
Chess Monthly, v. II p. 128 (April, 1858) mentions that the tourney is “limited to American composers”. No such restriction is apparent from Bulletin, although it may be assumed that only entries from A.C.A. members would be accepted.

Chess Monthly, v. II p. 351 (Nov., 1858) says that the second number of Bulletin would appear “about the first of the coming month.” On p. 384 (Dec., 1858) Chess clubs are requested to forward club details for publication in the second number of the Bulletin.

No later issues of Bulletin appear to have been printed. It is not known if the tourney was finished.