The Chess World, 1866

set of at least 6 problems (3×#3 + 2×#4 + #5) (3 pr.).

The problems are to be sent one at a time with a least one month between each contribution. The copyright of the problems will be the property of the proprietors of Chess World, without whose express permission they are not to be published elsewhere.
the editors of The Chess World.
The tourney was cancelled without any awards.
The Chess World, v. 4 (1868-69), p. 382: tourney said to have been cancelled.
(Confusingly, Google Books have catalogued the referenced sources as Household Chess Magazine. The contents, however, is The Chess World.)

The announcement stated that the problems would have to undergo the ordeal of public examination, which makes this an early informal tourney. The final report was expected to be published in January, 1867.

The announcement is repeated in March 1866, but no problems that clearly belong to the tournament are printed during the year, and no report appears in 1867.

In January, 1869, an announcement for a new problem tourney is made, with the following statement about the 1866 tourney:

... before the twelve months, over which the competition was to extend, had elapsed, it was resolved on account of the limited number of the competitors, and the general poverty of the problems sent in, that the affair should be shelved until the “CHESS WORLD” was more extensively known.

No issue covers have been preserved for the sources used. It is remotely possible that the early termination of the tourney was announced on a cover.