Danbury News (Conn.), 1877 (1st Tourney)

Incompletely known.
#2-3 (2 pr.)
Usual motto requirements. Prizes were awarded for best #2 problem, and best #3 problem.
G. H. Mackenzie
1877-10-01 (during the months of August and September)
pr #2: C. A. Gilberg (Motto: Esperanza)
pr #3: C. A. Gilberg
Hartford Weekly Times:
62/3165 (1877-08-02), p. 1: reprint of announcement
Scientific American Supplement:
5/112 (1878-02-23), p. 1788: tourney info; Gilberg's problems

The announcement states that This competition is to take the place of our system of purchasing problems and games. It will be continued throughout the year—prices of a similar character being offered quarterly.

Separate prizes was also awarded for the best game and the most brilliant game contributed during Aug.-Oct., 1877.

The earliest known reprint of both problems together is currently the one cited above. Earlier reprints of single problems are known (see YACPDB), and have been examined for traces of the missing problems


Find and consult Danbury News for additional information. (Not sure what the source of the #2 motto is ...)


Prize: Best #2: C. A. Gilberg


Prize: Best #3: C. A. Gilberg