New York Saturday Courier, 1856

Only partially known.

Scientific American Supplement)
v. 4, i. 92 (1877-10-06), p. 1470: Loyd: Miron's Tournaments of 1856.
White: Sam Loyd and His Chess Problems, (New York : 1913; corr. reprint 1962).

White (p. 17) says that this tourney was continued in New York Clipper. This may suggest that the award details and problem diagram had not been published earlier, but see below.

On 1856-10-11 the problem (below) was published in the New York Clipper as problem 25 with the author’s name and the title “A prize problem”.

The following week, the editor (Hazeltine) added: “This gem of chess strategy was received by us, but not published, while connected with another paper. It was in competition for a prize, and for this problem our ingenious young contributor will receive that prize the first Wednesday evening on which he can make it convenient to attend our private chess soirees.” (No direct references to New York Saturday Courier have been found in Clipper, but Whyld indicates that Hazeltine was previously editor for the New York Saturday Courier chess column. See Whyld: Chess Columns.) The New York Saturday Courier ceased publication on or after 1856-09-13 according to Whyld; US Library of Congress does not identify its end as definitely.

In the Loyd-book, White adds an epigram that may be a tourney motto (A Bold Attempt is Half Success), but the source for it is not known. Sam Loyd uses another motto She stoops to conquer when he republishes the problem in Scientific American Supplement. Loyd also notes that the prize was awarded on June 7, 1856, which presumably is when a tourney report might be expected.


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Prize: S. Loyd