Yorkshire Chess Association, 1868‒1869

3x2-4# (1-3 pr.)
Open to all British amateurs
3x2-4# (1-3 pr.)
Open to everyone.
Entry fee: 5 shillings. Motto not mentioned as requirement. One additional problem was allowed to be sent to replace a problem found to be faulty.
W. Wayte, C. E. Ranken
1868-09-30, changed to 1869-04-31/1869-05-31.
a: pr. W. Bolt
b: ? ? (see notes)
Chess Player's Quarterly Chronicle
v. 1, i. 2 (May 1868), p. 59: initial announcement.
v. 1, i. 10 (Dec. 1869), p. 312: additional information.

The initial tourney announcement was limited only to British amateurs. The final announcement added section B.

The closing date as well as the number of prizes were contingent on the number of competitors. If the number was fewer then 5, closing date would be extended until that number was met. If the number was fewer than 7, only one prize would be awarded, and if the number was fewer than 10, only two prizes.

Actual closing date was 1869-04-31/1869-05-31: as long as one problem had been sent in, together with the entry fee, by 1869-04-31, the competitor had to 1869-05-31 to send in the remaining two.

Problems by six participants were published in Chess Player's Quarterly Chronicle issues 3–8 (Aug. 1868–Aug. 1869): W. Grimshaw (2 problems), J. W. Abbott (3), J. H. Finlinson (3), A. B. Skipworth (1), G. O. Cutler (3) and W. Bolt (4). (There is no indication of the section they competed in.)

As four problems by W. Bolt were published, it may be assumed that one of them turned out to be faulty and replaced. However, no indication in the used source has been found as to which of the problems was found to be faulty, and what kind of fault it was. For that reason, all four problems have been included below. (As problem 4 was found to be faulty by computer testing when this article was prepared, the simplest solution would be to assume that it was the faulty problem. There is however the possibility that a try in one of the other problems was mistaken for a second solution. Without further details, it is not possible to be certain.)

In Notices to Correspondents, i. 7 (inside back cover), it is noted that judges were intended to be chosen from those visitors at the meeting who were in no way interested in the tourney.

The result was announced at the association meeting on Aug. 2, 1869. It is assumed that the prize referred to is that of section A. It is not known if there were any competitors in section B. (The printed account omits W. Grimshaw from the list of unsuccessful competitors, but as two problems by Grimshaw were published after closing date as participating in the tourney, it is practically certain that he was a competitor; however, he might have competed in section B.)

A note published later said that Mr. J. H. Finlinson was second in rank after W. Bolt.


Prize: W. Bolt

WARNING! Three of the problems below won the prize, the fourth is assumed to have been found faulty and replaced. It is unfortunately not known definitely which one the faulty one is. See notes above.

Problem 3 was first published as enigma 46 at the same time as problem 2 and 4. It turned out to have been misprinted, and a correct diagram was published in a later issue.









[*] = Faulty: Multiple key moves