The focus of this blog will be on old chess problems, mainly in digital form.

To me ‘old’ means before 1900. Or perhaps before 1914, as the FIDE Albums cover the time starting from 1914.

There won’t be a ‘problem of the week’ for general solving, but there may be links to digital sources for old problems.

There will certainly be notes on and problems from early chess problem tourneys.

And there will probably be the general kind of miscellaneous notes on topics that I come across in my digging around in old sources.

Posting frequency will be fairly low – expect once a week, and mainly on weekends.

See commenting policy for additional info.

/Anders Thulin (oldproblem97 at gmail dot com)

Chess diagrams have been created using the web Chess Diagram Editor provided by Apronus. They are being transitioned to a JavaScript-based creation system to help keep loading time and size down: you will need JavaScript enabled in your browser to see diagrams.