Old Stuff

These files and other resources are from my old web site (pre-2010). They remain in place (i.e. the original URLs are unchanged).

Any work related to this is over, and is unlikely to be revived.

My own works

Name Index to Jeremy Gaige’s ‘Chess Tournament Crosstables’
Steinitz-Chigorin, Havana 1889 : A World Championship Match or Not?
Chess Pseudonyms and Signatures
HHDB III : A Review
PBI file format specification 1.2

Digital editions of problem books

Some of these problem books have since become available as digital scans, which are always preferrable to edited texts: no matter how carefully they were produced, there are sure to be errors. If such sources are known, and are generally available, links to them have been provided.

Most of the problems are available as PBI files, a very simple text-based ‘card-oriented’ problem transcription format. These are, however, transcriptions of the original sources, used as starting points for the books; they do not contain all information present in the PDF editions.

Book Original Digital External Link
J. W. Abbot: 121 Chess Problems 1886 PBI GOOGLE, HATHI
Aftonbladets Problemturneringar 1898-1904 1906 PBI
American Chess Nuts (prel. vers.) 1868 - IA, GOOGLE, HATHI
A. Arnell & S. A. Sørensen: Nordiske Skakproblemer 1879 PBI GOOGLE
Mrs. W. J. Baird: 700 Chess Problems 1902 -
O. Bláthy: Vielzügige Schachaufgaben 1890 -
O. Blumenthal: Schachminiaturen 1902 PBI
O. Blumenthal: Schachminiaturen, Neue Folge 1903 PBI
F. C. Collins: Chess Problems 1881 PBI
J. Dufresne: Sammlung Leichterer Schachaufgaben, 1. Teil 1881 PBI IA
J. Dufresne: Sammlung Leichterer Schachaufgaben, 2. Teil 1882 PBI
J. Dufresne: Sammlung Leichterer Schachaufgaben, 3. Teil 1887 PBI
C. A. Gilberg: Crumbs From the Chess-Board 1890 PBI
F. Healey: Two-Hundred Chess Problems 1866 PBI IA, GOOGLE, HATHI
‘J. B., of Bridport’: Chess Strategy 1865 PBI GOOGLE, HATHI
J. Jespersen: 320 Danske Skakopgaver 1902 PBI
Ph. Klett: Schachprobleme 1878 PBI BSB, GOOGLE
B. G. Laws: The Artistry of the Chess Problem 1923 -
J. Löwenthal: Era Problem Tournament 1857 PBI GOOGLE, HATHI
F. W. Martindale: Chess Problems 1872 PBI GOOGLE
A. C. Palmer: A Collection of Chess Problems 1890 PBI GOOGLE, HATHI
J. P. & W. T. Pierce: English Chess Problems 1876 - GOOGLE
V. M. N. Portilla: Chess Problems 1873 PBI GOOGLE
J. A. Ros: 370 Utvalda Svenska Schackproblem 1901 -
C. F. Stubbs: Canadian Chess Problems 1890 PBI
C. F. Stubbs: Globe Problem And Solution Tourney No. 2 1888 - GOOGLE, HATHI
T. Taverner: Chess Problems Made Easy 1924 -
J. Thursby: Seventy-Five Chess Problems 1883 PBI GOOGLE, HATHI
E. Wallis: 777 Chess Miniatures in Three 1908 PBI
C. White: Chess Problems 1885 PBI

Note: Books availble from HathiTrust can be read on-line, but cannot always be downloaded freely. However, check the menu for ‘Get This Item’: if it has a ‘Find at Google Books’ entry you may be able to download it, even if Hathi itself does not allow that. (This seems to happen when Google is asked to revise its copyright classification for old texts, and decides that it actually is publica domain.)

All local problem books and their PBI files are free to be used in any way at all. Books on external sites may have separate conditions for use.

Additional PBI files

In addition to the PBI files used as starting points for the problem books listed above, I also made some additional PBI files available. The file format is documented here.

Source Digital
Schachzeitung der Berliner Schachgesellschaft, 1846–1849 ZIP(PBI)
Schachzeitung der Berliner Schachgesellschaft, 1850–1859 ZIP(PBI)
Schachzeitung der Berliner Schachgesellschaft, 1860–1870 ZIP(PBI)
Deutsche Schachzeitung, 1880–1889 ZIP(PBI)

I’m considering adding new material to this list (or to a new list), and the options that are available today.