American Chess Journal, 1881 (1st Problem Tourney)

best problems published between Jan., 1881 and Jan., 1882. (3 pr.)
Any number of problems allowed, in any number of moves. Self-mates were prohibited; one fantasia was allowed. No requirement for mottos expressed.
J. C. J. Wainwright
1881-03-01 (American), 1881-04-01 (foreign)
The American Chess Journal
2/2 (Jan., 1881), p. 126: judge; extension of closing date
2/3 (Apr., 1881), p. 147: publication of problems begins

The incarnation of American Chess Journal referenced here was edited by E. Barbe, and published between Oct., 1879 and Apr., 1881 (Betts 7-26). An earlier publication of the same name (ed. C. C. Moore, 1878–1879; Betts 7-24,) also held a problem tourney called First Problem Tourney, which may cause some confusion.

Closing dates were originally 1881-02-01 (America) / 1881-03-01 (foreign). The extension was made because too few problems had been received.

The requirement of publication indicates that the problems must have been received in time to be published in the Jan. 1882 issue. However, the closing date was later than that, unless perhaps that issue was published in February.

The last known issue was no. 3 of volume 2. The later history of the tourney is not known.