Chess Player’s Chronicle, 1879

single #3 (3 pr.)
C. E. Ranken, W. T. Pierce. Umpire H. J. C. Andrews.
1879-01-01 (UK) / 1879-02-01 (cont. Europe, Canada, US) / 1879-05-01
1 pr. J. H. Finlinson (Motto: Ingenium vires superat)
2 pr. W. Coates (Simplex munditiis)
3 pr. S. H. Thomas (Substance and Shadow)
1 hm. E. Anthony (Nil sine magno vita labore dedit mortalibus)
2 hm. A. Abela (Accord)
3 hm. F. Guicciardi (Mutina)
4 hm. H. von Duben (Ars longa vita brevis)
Chess Player’s Chronicle (New Series):
3/26 (Feb. 1879), p. 30: 32 received problems
3/27 (Mar. 1879), p. 55: 12 additional problems received
4/37 (Jan. 1880), p. 16–18: reports of judges and umpire
4/38 (Feb. 1880), p. 40–41: confirmation of awards; list of mottos & participants

46 problems were received, of which two were withdrawn by their authors. 42 of the problems were published during 1879 as objects for a solving tourney. The remaining four were either withdrawn, as already mentioned, or appear to have been found unsound prior to publication. Based on public scrutiny, eight additional problems were disqualified for unsoundness.

While the judges agreed on the the best 11 problems, and two of the prizeworthy problems, they did not agree on the third one, which was accordingly decided by the umpire.


1 Prize: J. H. Finlinson


2 Prize: W. Coates


3 Prize: S. H. Thomas