Cincinnati Commercial, 1882 (5th Problem Tourney)

#2 (1 pr.)
#3 (1 pr.)
prize winners of the solving tourney (referee: chess editor [J. W. Miller]) (see notes)
a: #2 pr. E. W. Keeney
b: #3 pr. J. G. Nix
Cincinnati Commercial
1881-12-31: prel. announcement
1882-01-07: announcement
1882-05-20: ending date defined
1882-07-22: winners (12) of solving tourney
1882-08-19: votes and awards of composition tourney

No requirements for motto were expressed. Problems were published under the name or signature of the competitor.

A solution tourney covered tourney problems as well as other published problems and endgame and pawn studies.

The closing date was initially specified only as after six months, but was eventually narrowed down to a specified date. No direct report of received problems has been found: it appears that sixteen #2 and eleven #3 compositions were received.

Adjudication was by vote be the twelve winners of the solving tourney for the published problems. In case of tied votes, the chess editor had the deciding vote.

A second vote by all solvers on the relative worth (scored from 70 to 100 points) of each problem was also collected and their averge printed together with each solution. This may have affected the judges' votes.

While twelve solution tourney winners were identified, only 9 votes were published.


Section A: #2

Prize: E. W. Keeney


Section B: #3

Prize: J. G. Nix