Kentish Mercury, 1891

#2 (1 pr.)
? (see notes)
before end of solving tourney [1891-05-29] (see notes).
pr. J. Stent
Kentish Mercury
v. 59, i. 3048 (1891-02-06), p. 2: announcement
v. 59, i. 3050 (1891-02-20), p. 2: first problem in solving tourney
v. 59, i. 3064 (1891-05-29), p. 2: last problem in solving tourney
v. 59, i. 3082 (1891-10-02), p. 2: awards, solving tourney
v. 59, i. 3087 (1891-11-06), p. 2: award, composing tourney

The tourney was an addition to a #2 solving tourney, and intended to encourage readers to try composing.

The closing time was expressed in terms of the solving tourney, which in turn was described as starting on 1891-02-20, and comprising twelve problems (prbs. 108–119, printed between 1891-02-20 and 1891-05-20). Only one of the problem was identified as taking part in the composing tourney.

The awards were planned to be published soon after the last problem and before the summer break, but publication was postponed, and. the column did not resume until October due to pressing private affairs of the column editor. At this time only the awards of the solution tourney were published. (The solutions of the last two problems, 118 and 119, do not appear to have been published at all.)

In November, a new column editor published the award of the composing tourney, which went to the single competing problem. (According to Illustrated London News, 1891-11-14, the new column editor was S. Tinsley.)


Prize: J. Stent