La Vogue Parisienne, 1869 (Self-Mate Tourney)

s# (1 pr.)
Black was required to use three pieces only: King, Knight and Bishop (see notes).
? (unknown; see notes)
Judgement would be based on difficulty and ingenuity, not on the number of moves.
pr. A. Séjournant
hm. E. Damé
La Vogue Parisienne
v. 4, i. 1 (1869-01-01), p. 5: competitors, part 1
v. 4, i. 4 (1869-01-22), p. 6: competitors, part 2
v. 4, i. 6 (1869-02-05), p. 5–6: report; awards; prbs. 1-9 mostly in notation.
v. 4, i. 8 (1869-02-19), p. 6: prbs. 10-12 in notation.

Twenty-one competitors are listed, two of which competed jointly. Some sent in multiple problems (37 problems appear to be accounted for), but there seems to be no direct information as to how many of these were eliminated because of faults or unsoundness.

Three problems were selected, copied, and sent to eleven unidentified judges. The report states that judgement was done without regard to any second solutions. (No second solutions appear in the awarded problems.)

Twelve problems were published together with the report.

The restriction in Black material is not explained or justified. For that reason the tourney can not be described as a theme tournament.

The ignore second solutions judging rule is not explained either. It is a deviation from standard judging practice, and may suggest that this was not considered to be an ordinary tournament.


Prize: A. Séjournant